HSBC . A politician, a vicar and a banker

He cannot have done anything wrong he’s a vicar, a banker and a politician.

I heard Lord Green (once in charge of HSBC) defended by a Conservative elder on the basis that an ordained minister could not possibly have done anything bad. It seems that circumstances have provided me with a model arch enemy. Someone who is a banker, politician and a vicar. Rather than attacking this maligned bloke with all guns blazing I will seek only to make this point.

The establishment, composed of mainly middle class, middle aged, white males, with too much money, power and too few scruples really does exist and must be challenged by whatever peaceful means lie at our disposal. There are ways to do this that don’t involve the largely ineffective ballot box, but for now it is probably sufficient to just reflect on that when the establishment tries another of  its cunning ploys to con you or very often in the case of HMRC threaten you. Talk about dual standards. I remember when I started out in theatre I got paid £3,000 gross for a whole year the tax office demanded £60o of that!

1100 super wealthy tax dodgers and one conviction! I am sorry to come out with the old cliche but it really does seem to be the case that if you steal  a purse you go to jail but steal a few million and you get away with it. I wonder why that is. Could be something to do with class. Still Lord  Green is a vicar so he didn’t do anything wrong for sure.

Read Emma Goldman and Russell Brand – both nuts but wise.



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