lots of news for once

There has been an explosion of industry and creativity in the family with Lisa qualifying as a registered masseuse TODAY! – she is going onto specialise in musicians and people with RSI – and she knows loads of latin anatomical words. She did the whole very demanding course over the year of lockdowns which we reckon is pretty blooming impressive. We are lining up for treatment as soon as she can get to lay hands upon us. BRILLIANT!

George and Avani have done this fantastic adaptation of a Grimm tale for Ek’s birthday. Having put together the odd few minutes of movie footage myself i can tell you this is truly epic and must have taken days and days. I have watched it many times – i love it – the only thing is that having set myself up as the family avant-garde, surrealist, absurdist specialist it seems the grimm/shah/newell combo has blown me out of the water. Drat!

Arthur bought a cheapo classical guitar at the start of lockdown and has progressed to Bach preludes which to be frank pisses me off. I have now been playing bass for 20 years and have progressed to shoddy versions of the Allman Bros Band played very slowly.

I have had my vaccine – all down to my beloved who managed to get through to the right person at our surgery explain to them that my cancer treatment was on hold until i got it and within hours i had it done. She may have saved my life or is that a bit melodramatic – no i don’t think so. Needless to say i was too British to hustle and was quietly waiting in the queue as though expecting a number 25 bus to Upton Park to come along eventually.

My achievements – duh – a story about a cat that gets run over by a steam roller. Good though in my view.