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Mary, Joseph, Clown & Doggydogo

Just had my 4th vaccine.

I could go on about how much I don’t like the ritual of Christmas but you have all heard it before and I get quite bored of myself. I love a bunch of people who love it and so I love it too. The end.

I was very pleased to present my family (Xmas) present (see above) –  Btw I revel in the word Xmas – it should be universally adopted as a suitably debunking nomenclature for the pomposity of the word ‘Christmas’ only superseded  by the showy offy ness of ‘Good Friday’ – good for who one asks? Certainly not for our hero. Anyway sadly the family did not reward me with the sort of acclaim  that I felt my ‘David’ deserved. It took me ages, not necessarily a qualification for great art but it did. It went wrong several times but once I had figured how to get all the characters to look startled I genuinely  thought it a work of some genius and thus the tepid applause that greeted its unveiling – well it just ruined my Xmas.

We had all four of our lovelies in shifts and as long as no one said the C word – yep crackers – I must say it was a real delight. They are all very nice people, they all love Vinnie which is an entry pass to my heart. Bobby pissed on me. Lisa appeared on Telly in a series of ultra high energy  micromoments for Sun Bingo that I will compile in a later blog. My presepio (nativity scene] electric light fell down and broke the donkeys ear. Maria and I went to bed at 10 every night after an indigestible bucket of xmas telly (We are that much fun). Av nailed a short story about a Christmas vegetable.  Maria’s foot is still dodgy so the traditional Boxing Day walk was abandoned – ohhhh noooo! Someone cleaned Mitch’s bum cos he can’t reach it being so fat. Geo and Art jammed rather brilliantly on piano and guitar. A&G bought me me the biggest ever book on Jazz theory  – so I have got that sorted now – roll on ‘Ronnies.’ Art then showed me some cunning shortcuts on the bass and this combo of theory and practice has reawakened my enthusiasm for playing after a two year lull. I am very pleased about that. Got a very cool calendar with a series of black and white photos of moments and family- one pic (below) in particular shows Av looking like a supermodel and me looking very very ‘Bexley’ (only my sisters will understand that reference) or if you have seen it Ricky Gervais as ‘Derek.’  Gifted Nonna a very cool incense waterfall thing that she pretended to like but couldn’t see so I nicked it back for myself. I wrote two food orientated stories for the Mogford prize that I enter and fail every year. Submitted three entries in the end because I missed the deadline for ‘Shrewdini’ last year. £45 wasted but who cares! I worked up until Christmas Eve and started again the day after Boxing Day. I prefer to get stuff done rather than have it looming ahead so I am glad to say most of my uni marking is done and it’s not even the New Year. Good for me!