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Please read the below after watching the above – its only 3 minutes 24 seconds – like an old 45

I am not anti christmas and i have nothing against santa. i wrote this a while back when still under the influence of steroids. they made me very opinionated such that innocents like santa got it in the neck just because i felt like it. santa is no longer on my hate list – not doubt he is relieved.

The video went through a whole series of versions that included me dressed as James Bond in a tux, as a film noire detective with trench coat and hat, wearing Christmas lights around my neck and dancing to the Rudolf tune in the box – i am astonished at how appalling some of my ‘how about if I…..’ ideas are. the challenge remains to translate a computer generated chris voice saying anything at all into some that can at least be endured, if not enjoyed.

the builders breakfast moon and the blood snow is rather cool though


I have given up linking to things to make me seem clever – but this very short video has brought about a temporary relapse. If the TikTok link confuses you, below it is a direct link to the video stored on this site. It will stream slowly and will need to load first.

i have always had the suspicion that the way global economies run is absurd. it seems to be based on trust in arbitrary numbers and anytime soon someone influential will announce that most of the money circulating in the world doesn’t exist.

according to this video my suspicions were well founded, however i would like to see the counter arguments expressed in a similarly compressed form – if anyone would care to have a go or share a link that would be great.

Lisa’s latest single and video

Lisa has released her latest single and accompanying social media campaign including this YouTube video. I think its remarkable not least because so much of the production of both the music and the video has been done by her in their tiny but lovely flat in Forest Hill. The quality of everything she has produced is quite extraordinary – I find it awe inspiring. Enjoy!!