Dreadful guilt – the money and mouth problem

I admit it, I do not practice what I preach. The more I encounter those that do, the more I am deflated by my own lack of conviction about anything.

The trouble is I am lazy and selfish – for example –

In principle I should be a vegetarian. I love animals and can’t really justify eating them but I just can’t be bothered to think the necessary deep thoughts required to buy and prepare vegetarian food. Despite Maria’s influence, food is still mainly about consumption, not preparation in my mind. More seriously – as a family we really should give more of our wealth away. I was really depressed by the Radio 4 programme that discussed this concept. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b050yh99 So depressed I had to turn it off. It showed just how wealthy me and my family are. In global terms in the top one percent. ( can’t remember the exact stats so don’t quote me – instead listen to the programme if you can cope with the guilt) I believe they said that someone earning £13,000 per year is in the top 10% so there really is no excuse – it’s actually pathetic that I feel so bound to make one – something along the lines of ‘ensuring the family’s future’ , preparing for a rainy day and all that bollocks. BUT yesterday I spent £5.00 on a vintage Ronson table lighter from Ebay, that I certainly have no need for, that necessitated the additional purchase of fuel and a wick and all that dosh could literally have been spent on saving lives, at least according to Radio 4. I really cannot justify this. I despair…..but oh so briefly…….

… now where was I, oh yes Amazon Prime – that bath tidy rack we need so much. Any advice?

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