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UNuseless Tie

I made this little trifle according to the ten tenets of ‘Chindogu.’ The Japanese art of the unuseless.

You can find out what I am on about here. –

I suppose it’s a veiled criticism of some of the disappointing apps that I have downloaded over the years. I have been wanting to make it for over ten years since being introduced to the theory at a design conference. I just needed to get it done and tick it off the list on my ‘new whiteboard.’ I have no expectation of interest from anyone except me but should you perchance operate an android phone would you be so kind as to download and test it. It does nothing except display the word TIE but it would be a bugger if it crashed. I don’t use an android phone so I have to rely on those that do. It’s not going on the Mac App store cos (a) it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to do it for Google Play and (b) they charge too much. There are two more in the pipeline so you can look forward.

Here is the link to Google Play where you download the app (Android phones only) –

if you don’t have an Android phone you can see the YouTube Short here.

Here it is on TikTok