Tweeting my cancer updates – I am not dead

Fiddled with this morning to tweet when anything gets posted. Feel free to follow me @gravityisahat.

Bowels much improved, thank you for all your good wishes. Hmmmph! Seems my nerve endings survived the Velcade. – yes that’s the brand name for for one of drugs I take  that /which (someone remind of the rule in Strunk and White) can have some nasty side effects.

In excellent spirits as always – up at 4 .00 am this morning full of bounce. Might give this tweeting thing a try again. Find most tweeters just annoying but do subscribe to a few who keep me entertained/informed. I also happened upon this cafe sign


which/that (arghh confidence ebbing … ) could only be found on Twitter and I had to re engage to get a copy – hence I am tweeting again. ADNE will be in despair.

Not sure what the right formula is? Tweets that make you feel like you are missing out on a world of exciting things and why aren’t you more connected and interested get binned. Funny things as long as they are funny I might read. ‘I am overlooking the Grand Canyon – it’s 4.oo in the morning and it’s taken a 18 mile hike to get here.’ Binned and abused. ‘Link to my new book’ – binned. ‘Link to my new partner.’ – read – nosey. ‘I am feeling sad and vulnerable – read. ‘My cat fell over’ – read. ‘Mine and other people’s research is cooler  than yours’ – binned. ‘Look at the banoffi pie I just made/am about to eat.’ – binned. ‘Stephen Fry/Russell Brand said this’ -maybe read if I have time. ‘Support my campaign to rid the universe of UKIP and all similar entities’ – read – favourited – retweeted. ‘Chris Newell is just great. – so brave – so intelligent – so sporty – so sexy etc.’ binned (he lied)

Actually I have no sense of the Twitter community at all so everything I have just said is probably nothing like what actually goes on. But since being ill I have felt a constant need to shout about stuff. Never ever felt that before in my life. So as I have said many times before, and I am not apologising, I think it is something to do with losing control through illness then asserting control through mouthiness. So brace yourselves or just possibly as has occurred every other time I have tried to embrace this new medium I will lose interest and delete my Twitter account yet again – at least I don’t do Facebook.

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