Time travel by phone

imageJust rang my iPhone using this. Probably taken out the local BT network but it worked with one 9v battery, some crocodile clips, two Bakelite phones, one to dial, one to connect to, and an old Marconi line tester – the call to the connection effected by  several turns of a magneto handle,  (remember not to have hand in box when turning handle – the shock from a magneto is surprising invigorating)  the call to the BT exchange effected using a 1930’s GPO model 232 and a significant amount of trial and error as to which wire went where. Unbelievably exciting – I feel like Dr Who. Now to photograph it properly so I don’t forget how I did it, then instruct Maria to put on her best 1930’s telefonist voice and see what happens if I ring in and get transferred. The only limitation is that a transferred call is transferred from the phone at one end of my desk to the phone at the other, but you get the idea. Grandchildren need urgently to come an play telephones with me. Feel a bit of a plonker ringing myself and transferring to myself and Maria not quite as excited as me.

Most splendiferous time with my younger sister and her husband – more visits please.

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