Stolen thunder

Last week Nonna was rushed to hospital. I was almost jealous . Shame on me.

She spent nearly a week on the ward being pumped with new heart drugs but is home and hearty now. My shame relates to my pathetic reaction after we arrived with blue lights flashing at A&E at 3:00 am. Once she was pronounced Ok and was visibly improving, ie once the anxiety had abated I found myself thinking – “but this is my hospital” “this is where I am centre of attention” “she has stolen my thunder and upstaged me.” Honestly if there was a hell I deserve to go there without passing go or collecting £200. How could I be so so selfish! Is it really the case that while I am ill no one else is allowed to be even a dearly loved old lady of 84 – Come on Chris get a grip! Share the joy.

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  1. Paul Alan Barker March 2, 2015 / 8:22 pm

    Really normal Chris. Try being a teenager when your dad gets the same ear damage as you have. Identity is like that! You probably still,have the upper hand in hours spent there? Xxxxxx

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