Phased return to work

I am starting a phased return to work at the University of Hull on September 22nd. I am delighted to be back in circulation but will not be on either campus very often. My chemotherapy will continue twice a week for the time being and there may of may not be a bone marrow autograft scheduled in the next few months. As a consequence the university have kindly agreed that where possible I will fulfil my duties using e-mail, Skype and telephone and avoid the 100 mile round trip in the car and the risk of infection from exposure to coughs and colds while my immune system is impaired. Initially I will be focusing on catching up with the various projects and tasks I have neglected over the spring and summer. I will not be seeking to take on any new projects for the time being. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. My hope and expectation is to be significantly fitter by early 2015. I write frequent very self-indulgent and opinionated posts on my cancer here on my blog at and will be updating my research site at as soon as I have more to say. I would like to thank everyone very much for their kindness

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