Lazy, Jeff Koons and pics

I have been quite lazy and neglected blogging. Actually I have nothing much to report. Been quite busy with university work and TV Box sets. Oh yes I have become obsessed with Jeff Koons who I have always secretly admired but now openly worship. So much so that I have been seeking to emulate his joyous art by collecting EBay bits that are struck with the same exuberant spirit. So below I present a mix of Koons and my E-Bay purchases- absurdly cheap btw. Enjoy


Jeff_Koons_f6b0db_c  pussyjeffkoonsmichaelandbubbles onyxjeff-koons-lead-image-whitneyJournalists look at a sculpture before the opening of a Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New Yorklucite Winter Bears 1988 by Jeff Koons born 1955onyx tablekoons  murano

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