Here are pictures of me before and after treatment – arghh!

Before diagnosis and smug

Newell _image_with _hat_cropped

Before treatment 2 months ago and pissed off


Today in mid treatment 30/08/2014

me feeling better

The only qualifiers I can add areĀ  –

Forgive the hat in the first picture from about 2 years ago

The second picture was taken for my blue badge and I was told by the machine not to smile

In the third picture I smiled deliberately to look cheerful (which I am) and I hope you agree chemo suits me


2 Responses

  1. Paul Alan Barker August 31, 2014 / 3:45 pm

    Number 1
    Looks like you are going on one of those dreadful auction tv programmes
    Number 2
    Anyone who tells someone not to smile for a photo deserves their own smileless pic placed on big billboards all over the countrya
    Number 3
    Do you discoordinate patterns on jacket and shirt deliberately?

  2. Barbara September 2, 2014 / 6:59 am

    Number 1
    Pissed cricket commentator
    Number 2
    lucky to get away with 10 years for manslaughter
    Number 3
    Clutching manfully at sore neck- had deservedly good thrashing from Maria with new piping gadget- every woman should have one of these!

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