Hay fever

Hay fever, probably not the virus. Phew!

We are well and much less stressed than two days ago when the whole virtual teaching thing seemed like a mountain to climb or probably to to fall off. Maria taught 7 girls yesterday and more today and it went really well . Everyone is surprised. I predicted disaster but I was completely wrong. It seems Zoom is the answer – if anyone is trying to do similar forget Skype, Google Hangout, Panopto. Unlike Maria’s girls my students logon in dribs and drabs, one today in her pyjamas (with the camera off) I am glad to say.

factual stuff; We have found a local greengrocer who can deliver, a volunteer who will get us milk and bread flour and a butcher (hopefully). We have joined a Facebook community group and our neighbours, 2 doors away very kindly offered to get our medication. We are sorted, save the pussy cats for whom we still are looking for a local cat food supplier, horses and dogs no problem it seems.

We have a red light on when either of us are live broadcasting to avoid indiscretions. Eg trouserless trips from the shower or excessively emotional exclamations against the technology.

We managed to change a pump on the dishwasher to avoid contact with an engineer. Thank you YouTube. Not fun and very bad tempered on my part. Sorry Maria. I use the excuse that my back hurts but really it’s because I hate doing things that are wet, dirty and have sharp edges. Testing it now. If it doesn’t work I will blame someone.

All in all a good couple of days.

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  1. AlistairE March 26, 2020 / 12:03 pm

    Chris, Thanks for posting these. It is good to hear some sanity (and insanity) and how you are getting on. We’re fine.

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