Greasy poo

I met the consultant in Leeds today and the news is good, if as ever, uncertain. It seems that the indicators are good but because of my extra rare condition there may be some additional risk involved in the autograft. To find out more I have to have a few more tests including a repeat of the hosepipe down the throat jobby. Joy! Assuming the tests look OK and the additional risk is acceptable or hopefully non existent I would have a choice between the procedure taking place in December or January. I would opt for December to get it over with. Other than that there was lots of very encouraging news about a potential cure for my rare disease (mice with Amyloidosis are doing very nicely thank you) and monthly developments in treatments for my cancer. So all in all a pretty good outcome.

I must admit I missed my familiar York environment. The facilities in Leeds are very modern but the vastness is quite daunting. Half-dead cancer patients dragging on ciggies festoon the entrance creating a less than favourable first impression. Some of them are barking loudly as they inhale – is the license to do this a form of legitimised euthanasia or merely a rather moving expression of the individuals choice to “do themselves in.” – discuss. Thereafter various other members of the undead push their intravenous drip trolleys in and out of the ubiquitous Costa. I guess it’s reassuring to see normal cafe life being played out in these surrounding but the sight of so much clinical tubing with gaud knows what pulsing along inside, alongside the lemon drizzle cake and the skinny lattes does put you off a bit. Also the slippers and pyjama trousers poking out beneath the crumpled dressing gowns are a tad excessively informal, but no doubt I will be there before long, pride is not something I can be bothered to hang onto when the chips are down.

Talking of pride, a highlight of the conversation with the consultant was to be cross examined on the consistency of my poo. Not something I had often had cause to ponder on. However all you folks out there beware of a greasy consistency (happily mine isn’t) as this could mean trouble – how you tell is a secret I will keep to myself for now but perhaps you could all hazard a few guesses and post them.

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