Finally I know where I am at

No transplant for now!! I am relieved to have a verdict as the uncertainty made it hard to plan ahead. Both consultants agree although the National amyloidosis centre would be a bit more gung-ho were they given the chance. So that’s that. For now…

This week I have been more than usually physically active. I can only ever do one thing at a time – either cerebral, technical, physical – I am in my physical phase with the telephone box which is approaching being watertight and well on the way to aesthetic completion. I then go into the technical stage which due to my modest programming and electronics skills could be very extended and finally the cerebral, creative fun bit. From which will emerge my ring cycle/unmade bed.

This stage is quite fun, although some of the DIY skills take some acquiring. Needless to say a good deal of me, the house and the garden is now painted red. The fact that it is the authentic red used on phone boxes prior to 1957 does not diminish it inappropriateness as a colour for grass, baths or indeed a very friendly sheepdog called Madge who came for a cuddle and returned to her owner looking like she had been in a Tarantino movie – I exaggerate a bit – actually her owner remarked that Madge always got covered in sheep dye when the sheep get their smit marks (coloured stripes) so this was nothing new. I have not enjoyed the puttying. Modern DIY materials take minutes or at worst hours to dry, real putty takes a modest 21 days before it can be painted – enough time to have constructed and painted an IKEA city. It’s been fun being nerdy about the bits and pieces I need to finish the job. A neighbour has very kindly made me a stand-in for the original light fitting a real one on eBay is £300 – even I draw the extravagance line at that.

Naturally I am supporting Jeremy Corbyn for the new labour leader and have acquired a vote as a registered supporter for £3.00. I really hope he wins as the rest of the field are a well meaning but uninspiring lot. I would prefer to vote for a woman but the two on offer are tainted by this tiresome move to the centre ground and may even be guilty of using that hateful phrase ‘hard working families’ YUK YUK YUK! I believe a real left wing alternative would bring about an adrenalin rush to British politics particularly for the young and those not yet terminally disillusioned like me. Besides which, Corbyn does not wear a tie and looks like he might like Jazz and Alan Ginsburg and expresso. The new leader of the Women’s Equality Party was on Woman’s Hour and was fab – she gets my vote if I ever reengage with the political hurly burly. I might.

I appear for about 10 seconds on a radio programme on voice. I gave 30 minutes of my brilliance and have been ruthlessly whittled. Not good for the ego but excellent for the programme. I sound like I care which is nice but I am credited as a media theorist which I am not – don’t even know what a media theorist is. I would have preferred poet, husband and father, ebayer, anarchist, phone nerd, polymath, middle aged middle class git but media theorist is truly ghastly. Who wants to share a jacuzzi with a media theorist. The programme is really good but I have only concentrated on my bit.

That’s it for now. Today I have to seek out a plywood floor, a BSW tap and die set (bet you don’t know what that is), 4 glass panes, brass pins for the window frames and a backboard.

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  1. Alistair July 27, 2015 / 9:19 am

    1. I love the smell of linseed oil – so traditional putty has to win out every time.
    2. I know what a BSW tap and die set is.

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