Families eh!

So much going on I temporarily abandoned blogging for the emotional fray of real life.

Yet more pride and gush – My beautiful children are doing beautiful things.

George and Avani are engaged to be married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so, so happy and excited and really, really looking forward to the wedding party. The whole engagement event in front of family members and friends was a rom com masterclass the details of which I will leave for them to reveal.


Arthur and Lisa had a fantastic gig at the Jazz Café in London that was packed out and totally brilliant. The Time-Out guy hosting the event was really complimentary. Nonna’s toilet mat made a star appearance and there were plenty of loyal Bovinos, Arrowsmiths and Newells in cheery attendance.

All in all a fantastic few weeks of total joy that had no impact on the goodwill extended from one of our cosy cat family toward our immigrant cat Vince. Much despised by Bobby he now hisses at everything including us when we feed him.

Psycho cat yes but we love him nonetheless.

Families eh!

I wrote Avani and George a song

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