Facing Vlad

Significant achievements of the day

1) Stayed in bed till 1:30 feeling rough after a night of weeing but hurrah no puking
2) Got up feeling much better
3) However lay in front of telly? First time I have watched afternoon TV – so felt like a looser
4) Could not focus on anything challenging so read the circuit diagrams for my –A/B coin box – pleased that having read electronics for dummies could nearly make sense of it.
5) And …. figured out how to connect it to the exchange and a phone and much to my surprise it worked
6) Had to find some old coins that fitted it. The new decimal coins must be a different size despite being the same denomination
7) Revelled in the sound of the two gongs indicating the insertion of  10p and the 2p – oh unabated joy!
8) Riding this wave of triumph faced up to the grizzly prospect of injecting myself.
9) Decided to run at it, like a ski jump – no time to think about Vlad
10) Strode with purpose and resolve to fridge
11) Got my box of bristling goodies – like hedgehog freezopops.
12) Hurried to my room – did not want Maria to witness the display of raw courage tempered with shaky hands and loose bowels
13) Swabbed my belly and felt momentarily quite “Trainspotting” would have preferred a rubber hose in the teeth – rather than a rubber belly twixt thumbs
14) Remove cap from needle as instructed (pointing away from oneself) seems unnecessary as surely an accidental impalement is as good as a deliberate one – although injecting in the eyebrow or up the nose might not have the same benefits
15) Maintaining a ski jump velocity launched the quivering lance into the blubber
16) Blimey an absolute doddle
17) Emerge shining with delight to write this blog and cast Vlad to the wind.

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  1. cfarrowsmith January 12, 2016 / 11:51 pm

    Great blog post – genuinely gripping. Glad that your new impaling regime seems distinctly less distressing than you’d feared!

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