Bored with god

Now that my Cancer has become routine, I am used to it, the supposed shock has subsided, I find myself with a somewhat purposeless blog title. Cancerwithoutgod was a furious reaction to the anticipated torrent of godly nonsense I imagined might flow my way. Either my posts have been sufficient to act as a dam or more likely, and I say this with some disappointment, my courageous ‘battle with believers’ was more of a fond ambition than a reality. It seems that most people, or at least the lovely worried family and friends that subscribe to the blog, aren’t that bothered about taking on the big metaphysical issues but content themselves with the knowledge that ‘we know that he’s alright cos he’s wittering on about stuff like God.’ This wasn’t the plan. I was hoping for something more heroic and controversial. My visitors have never amounted to more than 12 per day. None of them the angry fundamentalists I hoped for. A few sellers of inflated willy’s but nothing to get my teeth into. That’s just fine because without anyone taking me on I find myself cooling down to a frozen certainty that God is dead for sure, he never lived, the concept is irrelevant, potentially destructive and actually not half as interesting as ‘Peaky Blinders Series 2.’ – which is truly brilliant. In fact if I was gay I would really fancy the leading actor, even straight I am quite tempted – he is amazingly charismatic and he makes the Brummy accent incredibly sexy – Best thing on TV for yonks. But I digress – Maybe it was the steroids that triggered my energetic outbursts but I find myself really bored by God. If anyone has a solution for this I would be grateful as I was enjoying feeling so feisty. Either that or I am going to have to change the title of this blog.

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  1. Paul Alan Barker November 3, 2014 / 10:35 pm

    Blake wrote “Damn braces; Bless relaxes.” Because I think he knew how much energy was to be had from standing against something, from taking a contrary position. Radical positions tend to demonstrate that. Perhaps we are more compelled to convince others that someone apauls us, whilst loving someone tends to be more private. The semantic question of whether God is dead or not rather contradicts commonly held definitions of what life is. Death cannot be ascribed to that which was not alive. Unless life can define how others live inside us, perhaps in our imagination. And there lies endless argument about what is real and not real……..just pass the wine bottle here afpgain, please!

  2. cfarrowsmith November 4, 2014 / 1:09 am

    I am reminded of the old Hitch-hiker’s Guide joke about Colluphid’s trilogy of philosophical blockbusters: Where God Went Wrong; Some More of God’s Greatest Mistakes; and Who is This God Person Anyway?

    Not sure I can get Peaky Blinders over here, but it sounds well worth the piratical effort.

    Can you tell that I’m one of your 12 regulars? Does it say you have a mysterious American follower?

  3. Chris Newell November 4, 2014 / 2:39 pm

    have not thought to check out country of origin of the dozen – will do so now – laughed not once at HHGG – it must be my problem as I know I should have done – can’t figure out what it is that turns me off? Liked your quote though – it was all that other “Round the Horne” stuff that left my tickle unfancied or should it be fancy untickled.

    P/Blake’s point about the effort required to damn is spot on. It’s so much nicer and so much less tiring to bless. Damning initially thrilled me but now it just tires me out. I have really learnt something about myself that I am not motivated by ideas, political or philosophical I am motivated by things to do. Like car boot sales – see poem to follow.

  4. christianarrowsmith November 4, 2014 / 2:44 pm

    Paul Alan Barker – interesting point, I think I agree though I think for me this is a peculiarity to academic debates. As a Leeds fan (a thoroughly non-academic pursuit) I can just as happily sing song in favour of them as sing derogatory songs about their opposition (and their mothers).

    CFA- if it’s on BBC then Soren has a scam going where he can watch I-Player abroad. Apparently it’s a pretty easy thing to download and just the marginal risk of being busted.

    Chris –
    The way I see it there are three God(ish) concepts to distinguish.

    1. The moral imperative, the righteous force, the unity of one idea. See Spanish Inquisition, large swathes of the Vatican, IS, Colonel Sanders and the Pentagon.
    2. The son of, Jesus, the teaching of how to interact with humanity.
    3. The belief that there is something more to life, something that operates within it and can impact upon it, something more than humans and their current or predicted consciousness. See also transcendental meditation, Jung, Einstein’s determinism, miracles (general) and goblins.

    Of these…
    1. is long dead in the minds of creative men and women and while it is still hugely influential and indeed damaging, as a serious debate, I think the shit has been shat here.
    2. still as poetic and beautiful as it ever was.
    3. for me is the interesting and contentious one.

    So, to peak your interest, you need to find a goblin, find the God particle or figure out why people from different millennia still have the same dreams.

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