2:30 am ramble

Yet another 2:30 am start.

If a link to this arrived as an e-mail alert would you be kind enough to email me back so that I know it’s working. Ta.

Even the BBC News has trouble keeping up with me – looks like yesterday’s stories to me. M fast asleep next to me. A finally in from the pub quiz – wonder if he won his much desired meat platter – last time it was a bag of potatoes – wow! Worse than a blankety blank pen. Cats noisy below – probably dismembering a rabbit on the carpet. They managed 7 dead or nearly dead mice in one shift recently – a record – but we have also had many rabbits, birds, shrews, moles (never eaten must not be tasty) a bat – alive – A ran way to his room – and a squirrel, sadly only it’s tail. They operate as a team which makes them more deadly. They have been seen collaborating on the tricky task of getting a rabbit (still alive) through the cat door. One is on side pushing while the other pulls from the other side. Said rabbit ended up bottom up ( just bottom and tail, rest consumed) in the middle of the carpet giving the impression that it was digging its way to Australia to escape.

So far this morning/night I have entertained myself by finally figuring out how to move files between my home network my Ipad and my Iphone – very nerdy stuff but discovered an excellent application called ‘File Browser’ that can do the job. Added some opinionated stuff about the Ebola Missionary to the blog. Hopefully managed to initiate the alert system properly this time so that you all get an alert when I post. Been trying to figure this for some time – should be very straight forward but because of conflicting plugins turned into a bit of a prolonged task. My last task was to track my amazon prime package – an excellent service it even tells you the name of the driver – it’s always Shaun but there are three Shauns – something of a statistical blip. Believe or not all that excitement has taken 3 hours so now the birds are tweeting and I can get up and make myself a cup of tea- somehow I cannot bring myself to do that before dawn.

More treatment at the hospital yesterday. A glorious muddle of checking and re checking my bloods. I admitted I was very confused about when they had to do the checks – every time – every other time – once per cycle to which a nurse replied “so are we.” I find that sort of honesty and good humour such a delight, so much better than the guarded ‘ we might get sued’ response rampant in so many organisations.

Any way my bloods are good. Never sure what that means except it triggers the treatment to continue but it’s got to be better than bad blood. I continue to feel pretty good. A few aches and pains tend to emerge when I get a bit more active but I have a spring in my stride and indeed in my heart and have lots to look forward to. I even feather dusted my study yesterday to get rid of some of cat hair. They do like to sleep on computers – I worry that that may led to a self combusting cat someday but I guess they will relocate before that happens.

I am on with J’s challenging modernist Portuguese literature and enjoying it. That means I have 8 books on the go not including techie stuff. I think it’s the drugs.

Anyway tea time.

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  1. Paul Alan Barker August 27, 2014 / 5:27 am

    Our two cats are virtually Buddhists in comparison. Town cats whose outside world ends at the window where they wait for us, they sleep, mostly. Sometimes they chase each other wildly all over the flat. And they have demolished our carpets and some furniture, too. The sacrifice seems small to us. Should however any insect, such as a fly, attempt flat entry, their effort will be short lived. One in particular demonstrates an extraordinary aerial ability and shows us how pitifully we underfeed her. The other is on my lap as I type, doing what she does best: sleeping, which is what I should be doing. Your arse-up tunnelling rabbit takes the biscuit though, so to speak.

  2. cfarrowsmith August 27, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    I got an email alert! Hurrah, as I had missed some of the other posts. Looking forward to reading them. Also owe you a response to your brilliant email the other day. Lots to say.

    Eight books at once is quite the feat. Assume J’s modernist Portuguese literature is the Saramago? One of the writers we’ve discovered we both love! Once you get used to the extraordinary syntax it gets much easier…

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