Uncanny valley and phone boxes

Consultant says blood results excellent. I suspect this means they will save the autograft for a rainy day. May the weather stay clement I say.

I have an interview with CBC this afternoon to talk about The Uncanny Valley – that should be fun. I must admit my valley has been pretty uncanny this last year or so but I don’t think that is what they have in mind. Strangely I have not felt like I have been in a valley at all. I have a more Nietzschean selfie in mind – perhaps astride some German mountain peaks forging aphorisms from glaciers.

Anyway I thought I would reflect on my Nietzschean struggle of the last week with K6 phone boxes. The long and the short of it is that this idea has to go on hold until my ship comes in. Preferably with a substantial cargo of illegal drugs I can sell on the Appleton Roebuck black market (not really GCHQ). It seems there are hoards of Henry and Jemima’s paying top dollar for something to brighten up the stable yard and thus I am stuffed. It has also occurred to me that my motivation for said folly is that I miss having a performance platform. Although I have left directing behind I suppose teaching gave me some outlet for my thespian tendencies, now that that has been on hold for a year I am a tad bereft and have resorted to looking for any old stage to strut. The phone box, became a shed which became a bench, a telephone and has now evolved into – well I am not telling because if I don’t deliver this time you will all think less of me. I have a thought, a good thought but I will keep It to myself.

Tat ta


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