Kind gesture from a stranger

Quite difficult to explain what went on here but I was touched by the outcome see below.

I had to find a way of avoiding paying a very exploitative website host an exorbitant hike in their hosting charge so I decided to go it alone and host my own websites – hence the on off scenarios of the last week or two. Anyway it’s perfectly possible to host your own sites if you have a spare PC but you need to set up all sorts of free bits of technology scattered all over the web run largely by enthusiasts as well as entrepreneurs who hope to sell you some sort of upgrade to a professional service. Anyway one part of the operation was very difficult to figure out so I communicated directly with the developer, with a low expectation of a reply. He sent me a very helpful reply and professed an interest in the name of my website – cancerwithoutgod. I replied cautiously hoping not to give offence as I realised he was in the USA and I assumed, perhaps presumptuously, he might be hostile to atheism. Anyway below is his generous reply. I have no great interest in the alternative treatment he linked to and clearly his friend chose the transplant route but I found the efforts he went to for his friend and the good wishes he sent to me, very moving. I should not be such a cynical old git.

Hello Chris,

Not offended at all, atheism is on the rise in the US but its
still a minority, last I knew it was somewhere about 15% who
don’t profess to a religion in these parts. I was raised a
christian upbringing in a rural area and moved to a city as soon
as I could, I then thought atheism was the way, any more I think
of myself as agnostic anymore.

I noticed the error message you was presented with was
mis-spelled, fixed that.

My friend just did a bone marrow transplant a couple of weeks ago
here, she’s doing really good with it.

I went out to see her last month right before the transplant and
I’ll be going back again in less then 2 weeks, we did some fun
stuff together to take her mind off things and just hang out. I
wanted her to look at therapy which my uncle told me
about, I even ordered her some (next day air on ice from the UK)
and made sure she had everything she needed to do it, but she
decided the transplant route – she had 3 really good transplant
matches on DNA, so it was compelling. The gcmaf therapy boosts
immune systems by 100x, and increases immune
surveillance/response, I’m not a doctor but it looked real
interesting and I couldn’t find anything bad on it. One of her
oncologists is from Europe himself, she let me talk to him, and
he thought it looked interesting also, but he is bound by
protocol, he said she can take it later after her new bone marrow

Best wishes on your journey man, positive thoughts and good vibes
headed your way!

With regards,


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