Easter eggs

Two eggs to share.

First Arthur is in a trio and they are going on tour and they have an album so here is the promo – We are embarrassingly proud!

and the other is a seasonal greeting from me featuring my computer generated self impersonating Santa –


I am feeling particularly mellow, so no outrage to share – plenty in the air though (the Tory disability fiasco had me retching) so it just has to coalesce into a nice sticky pudding and I will chunder forth.

I am mellow because I have been completely obsessed with my telephone theatre. The piece above is just a trifling experiment with the voice manipulation but I have been working on a much more sophisticated way of interacting with the voice using an old dial phone and a telecoms server. I have had some amazing support from a retired GPO engineer who has built me a means to mix other audio into the telephone audio signal generated by Asterisk (he charged me nothing). However I am extremely stuck at the moment and cannot progress until I solve a stupid problem. Namely I can trigger the voice to produce speech specific to a dialed number, but I cannot get it to stop when the receiver is put down. How silly and a tad embarrassing!


Love Chris


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