my drug collection

I am back on them big time. So far no puking, thank goodness, I just feel a bit odd and my brain is addled. The drug regime is super complicated. As I said in my last post Arthur has set up an app that schedules everything but until I am used to it I check everything by hand. I spent about half an hour yesterday fussing about the dosage of one of my usual drugs, not a cancer one, that my addled brain claimed I have been getting wrong. Slightly panicked I was convinced it said “take once a day” half the dose I had been taking for years but after contacting the hospital and preparing to message my GP I reread the instructions and the mind mist momentarily cleared sufficient for me to see “take twice a day.” I honestly must have misread that 10 times. Duh.

Anyway as an aide memoire as well as an insight into what is involved in oral chemotherapy for the modern obsessive list maker here is my quota. I am on this lot for ever as far as i know or at least until they stop working – so i had better get used to it

Co-Trimoxazole – an anti bacterial – don’t know why it prevents something 2 tablets M, W,

Aciclovir -avoiding shingles – 1 tablet twice a day

Allopurinol – stops your kidneys getting mucked up 1 tablet per day must be with meal

Ixazomid – forbidding name for scary Cytotoxic – only one tablet per week and each one comes in its own little folder booklet thing – individually wrapped – must be on an empty stomach

Lenalidomide – another Cytotoxic – one tablet per night – makes you sleepy

Dexamethasone – the magic steroids – 20 tablets on one day per week – makes you wakey-wakey

Bisoprolol – beta blockers – slow my heart rate – 1 tablet per day

Omeprazole – 1 tablet per day – protect my stomach from all the other nasties being poured in it

Apixaban – blood thinner – critical for some reason with this type of chemo but i was already taking them

Atorvastatin – a regular statin (BORING)


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  1. Barbara April 15, 2021 / 12:13 am

    Blimey that’s a lot of pills. Reads like a list of the extras in a scene from Ben Hur. Hope you’re not feeling too rough. Xxxx

    • Chris Newell April 15, 2021 / 3:08 pm

      It hasn’t been the walk on the park I had hoped for but it’s ok. The steroids give you the munchies but also mess up your taste buds – so you want something a lot but then it tastes a bit rubbish so you don’t eat all of it and then you get the munchies again – but who cares if it’s working xx

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