Desert Island Disks – Encores

Desert Island Disks submission 2 – Identify artist in each case for one mark – song title is usually obvious. Extra mark if it is not. GOOD LUCK
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  1. Chris Newell January 15, 2015 / 9:49 pm

    Notes provided by RA
    This is my list of eight which have no particular significance, but which I have loved over the years and go back to again and again. (I could easily have written a different eight)

    1) The Folks who live on the hill

    a great jazz song which I love playing really slowly on the piano. I daren’t play it fast in case I miss too many notes.

    2) No regrets

    Not Piaf, but Tom Rush. One of my earliest records which is nearly worn out. A definite teenage and twenties song which I still enjoy (though not the later version which he made)

    3) We’ve only just begun

    Recorded by lots of people. Such a romantic song.

    4) Magic

    Olivia Newton John. To me the epitome of the commercial sixties sounds. Like Abba. She made about six truly great pop songs.

    5) Something French – but what?

    What riches! Piaf, Juliette Greco, Aznavour, Gilbert Becaud, Jacques Brel, Charles Trenet – anything by any of them but if I wanted to think of France, either Douce France (Trenet) or Autumn leaves (Yves Montand)

    6) Something Brazilian/Bossa Nova – but what?

    Stan Getz made so many great tracks out of the Antonio Carlos Jobim/Joao Gilberto song writing team – they made heaps of recordings themselves. If I had to choose – maybe even corny but great Girl from Ipanema.

    7) The Fool on the Hill – The Beatles, of course. I can picture so clearly Victoria singing this at a school concert in Retford and feeling very proud. She does have a lovely voice – certainly sings in tune!

    8) This land is your land

    Pete Seeger is so easy to sing along with. If I am on my own in the car, I sing this at the top of my voice and, where safe, clap along. I then have to turn the music off afterwards because I don’t want to hear anything else for a while; I am so full of the song.

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