K6 – Telephone Box

This is a 1937 K6 telephone box in our front garden. I am currently modifying it to explore my research interests in computer voices and performance. The first event was Chrismas Eve 2015. You can read more about it in a number of postings. Search for ‘K6’ or ‘telephone box’ or ‘Marge.’ It is an ongoing (for ever) project. My next step is to experiment with live broadcasting and some level of speech recognition.

Hear a very basic live audio stream from inside the box below- Safari and Ipad/phones only I think.

or in iTunes – click on M3U – double click on the download and iTunes should stream it.

Example recorded video
K6_demo from Christopher Newell on Vimeo.


Live internal video static camera – view from inside telephone box
(for some browsers on some platforms) 

Tested on –
IPad/Iphone ‘Safari’ only
Mac – Chrome/Firefox/Safari

Live Internal Feed

Live external video static camera – same requirements as above

Live External Feed